Am-Ex Insurance Brokers
Am-Ex Insurance Brokers

We offer the complete spectrum of insurance services to varied industries. Clients can count on our superior value enhancing services to handle their Risk / Insurance portfolio. We specialize in areas like Liability Insurances, Credit Risk Management, Finanacial Risk Management etc.

Risk Assessment & Management

We examine the clients business and assess the risks associated with and suggest cost effective risk management measures. This helps our clients to visualize major risk situations and can prepare plans to address them before the occurrence of any major eventuality. We specializes in areas like Credit Risk Management, Financial risk management due to major perils like Fire, Earth Quake, Breakdowns and others.

The speed and ability to identify and react to internal and external events is also one of our practical steps to improve strategic risk management. Dealing with strategic uncertainty and managing unanticipated risks as effectively as possible is our hallmark.

A good risk management strategy is necessary for success and the need is to be agile to address business uncertainty. Opportunities for progress and greater corporate agility arise when those actions improve risk assessment, risk detection and reaction time.

Claims Management

We act as single point of contact incase of any claims. Our claims team will arrange for surveys, Interact with surveyors on technical grounds, consult and advice in claim documentation, arrange for alternate surveys wherever required, negotiate for fair terms of settlement of the claim and follow up for faster claim settlement.

Employee Benefits Services

Our Dedicated Employee benefits team operates on a value enhanced service delivery model. We have well defined process flows and work procedures to achieve the minimum turn-around time (TAT) for service requirements including claim settlement.

We assure a hassle-free claims management situation for our corporate clientele and relieve the HR department from day today insurance and claims related calls from employees and dependents.

We are able to achieve the set TAT with all our clients for claims settlements through:

  1. Design and structuring of the corporate group insurance programme
  2. Proven process on enrollment, ID cards, providing booklets/ literature on claims procedure
  3. Real time claims management, from hospitalization till settlement, TAT (Turnaround time) management on claim settlement among others
  4. Management of claim disputes if any
  5. Design & structure of group pension, death & disability insurance programmes
  6. Support in implementation of group gratuity programmes

Gap Analysis & Risk Consulting

We review the risks against existing insurance covers and the disclosures made to underwriters while taking this covers. During the risk review process its normal our consultants uncover areas of un-insured risks.

The gap Analysis & Review is done based on the below parameters:

  1. In terms of risks covered
  2. Adequacy of cover
  3. Scope of cover
  4. Multiple coverage's
  5. Deductibles
  6. Policy wordings
  7. Other specific issues

We offer consulting services to our clients for their various requirements and to device insurance programmes for effective risk mangement.

Pricing Negotiations

We design appropriate annual insurance programmes for our clients and do the requisite pricing negotiations with various insurers on technical grounds. Also, we got the most competitive pricing arrangements with various insurers for traditional as well as custom-made policies.